Daily Update: Pat Kirch

 Photo by Lupe Bustos

Photo by Lupe Bustos

It has started!!! Hello friends, Pat here checking in from my bunk while we drive to Salt Lake City. The past few days have been insane and I feel like I'm just now getting a second to breathe. We flew to London for the first show of the world tour and had an awesome time as always. We have played the Electric Ballroom a bunch but this was our first sold out show and the energy in the room was wild. When we played Black Butterflies for the first time and everyone sang the chorus louder than John I knew how radical this year is going to be. We flew right back to Phoenix after the show and had to wake up early the next day for rehersal to start the North American leg! 

We put more work into this tour than we ever have building the show and making the stage look how we want. I had a vision for how I wanted it to look for awhile now and over the past month we've been chipping away at building everything. Most of what you see is hand made. We built the clouds over a week or so and I'm so happy with how they turned out! We were at home for two days setting things up and running over the songs again then we packed the bus up and headed for Denver. Didn't have much time at home so had to pack in a rush and head out. 

The first show of a tour is always a little stressful but things went really smooth in Denver all things considered. For everyone that went to 8123 fest you'll remember a kid named Andrew coming out from the crowd and singing Girls Do What They Want with us and asking on stage if his band could open the Denver show. I shook his hand on the spot and said yes. He has been in a band that covers our songs and they always come out to the shows so it was really amazing to see him have such a good time playing for all of you. Our show was a blast, probably my favorite Denver show I can remember Thank you for singing the new ones so loud already!!! Off to SLC next. Talk to you soon. 

With love,