The Maine Street Team Awards

Welcome to the official street team awards page. Over the years, the street team has become a driving force of support for The Maine. Way back when, the band started the team themselves and it has continued to grow ever since. To this day, the band stays involved with the street team and its members - as they value the work that you guys put in with every new release and tour. Whether you are a brand new member, or have been around doing missions for years - the band wants to take this opportunity to recognize your efforts. You guys take your passion for their music, combine it with your own free time, and use it to get the word out there and help the band reach new fans. They couldn’t continue to do this thing without you. 


Every single one of you helps to make this street team as big and successful as it is - and for that we thank you.

We also wanted to take a second to recognize some of you within a few different categories below. We’ve nominated a few people that stand out for us - and we’d like to turn it back to you to decide a winner in each. Please cast your vote below for one teamer in each category who you believe to be most deserving of the respective award.


Again, thank you all for everything you do for the band and team!


All the love, 




Thank you for voting! Check back tomorrow during 8123 Day to find out the winners.